Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hello All.

Well whats new then, after a lot of searching around and in our crusade to bring you the customer the very best choice of product we have decided to team up with Amazon.
They provide the best variety of product that we can find, and as we are only a small retail outlet if you cant beat them then join them, so we have decided to offer a book store using the power of Amazon.
We shall only feature books that we think provide content that runs parallel with our core products.
Who knows we may even get a chance to read some of them. So we shall see how things go and we may even feature some music in the future.
As always, thanks for taking the time to visit.

All at the Niche Gallery.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bear with us Folks.

Hello all,
We have been very busy lately, with updating our main website at niche gallery, and we now hope to have the new main website with lots of new product and features for you our great customers old and we hope new as well.
It has just taken so much longer than we ever imagined, and it has to be right as well.
So with any luck we will be back on stream soon with the blog, and telling you all about all our new products, which include a lot of our old fav's as well as new, it has been more about creating a relevant and fresh website with just as many good bits as before.
We do have lots of good Miss Dee jewellery in stock right now, so dont forget to pop on over to the main website.
Bye for now,

The staff at Niche Gallery

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Back again!

Hello all,

it has been some time since I have been able to give our blog my attention, due to the fact that I have been taking a step back from business and looking after my two lovely Grand Kids, both girls have been taking up more of my time as it should be and the shop is in capable hands of there mother who manages the shop.

We had a visit from a special ship yesterday as the Queen Victoria was visiting Edinburgh and as with most of the cruise ships that visit she had to park in the River Forth just off South Queensferry and unload her passengers in boats.

Cunard liner Queen Victoria, visiting South Queensferry.
As this one is such a large ship you can imagine the town was pretty busy, so to all the visitors who came into the Niche Gallery a big thank you.

This photo gives some idea of the size of the Queen Victoria on her visit to Edinburgh yesterday, she was on a cruise to celebrate the Cunard Lines 170 th birthday, my thanks to Scott Kemp for the photo's. (I have some more which will be posted as soon as I get them onto the P.C.)

We are lucky as we get around 15 cruise ships per year call in and this number is growing due to the fact that Edinburgh and it’s surrounds are such a wonderful place to visit, the spin off’s from this are obvious and a help to all the small businesses in what is really tough times what with the mess the banks and governments have got us all into at no fault of their own of course.

We have been stocking up with lots of good new quality goods of course and as they go onto our website we shall feature some of them on the blog (time permitting of course)

Well thanks to all still following and hello to new readers and hope to see you all back here soon or if as always you are lucky enough to visit the area pop in and see us.

From the staff at Niche Gallery we thank you for your time.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

New Artist!

Hello all,

Happy to say that we are back on the blog again after some what neglecting the written word for a couple of weeks, to tell the truth I have just not managed to find the time, so much to do and as always not enough time to do it all.

So what’s been going on, we have as always been sourcing new goods to present to the customer a fresh new experience every time or almost every time they walk into the shop.

We are also delighted to tell you that we have been picked out to be a preferred supplier of some outstanding artwork, by an artist named Ian Fraser.

Ian used to design for the Walt Disney Corp, and he designed lots of stuff like globes and castles for the Americans. It is a wee bit unfair to say that he is a "New Artist" but artist he is.

His artwork is truly outstanding with an eye for detail and colour and we love it.

So feast your eye’s on two of his original paintings that we have for sale, we feature more of this great work in the shop in South Queensferry. And we will of course show more of the work on the blog in future.

The photographs really don’t do justice to the original painting, they have to be seen to really appreciate the colour and detail.
Thanks for your time from the staff at Niche Gallery.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fashion Jewellery Range

Hello All,

Very happy to say at last the summer seems to have arrived, but lets not hold our breath too long this is Scotland after all, but the sun is out and may we all enjoy it while, it lasts.

Well we have at last got the new range of fabulous jewellery in from Miss Dee in Sweden, it is a couple of months late in arriving but worth the wait in our opinion.

They have produced a wonderful line in Children’s jewellery as well (The Princess Range).

From the Princess Range of Childrens Jewellery

Earrings from the Princess Range

From our website:- Miss Dee has quickly become one of the hottest brands in fashion jewellery. Miss Dee is a Swedish family run company, with offices and warehouse in Gothenburg. Miss Dee are very proud of the design and quality with emphasis on all the jewellery being designed in- house. All Miss Dee jewellery is Rhodium plated over a nickel and lead-free metal to ensure durability and with the right care they will keep their lustre for a long time to come.
From the New Miss Dee Range

We also feature a great range of fashion jewellery from the well know house of Pilgrim.
Any of the highlighted words above will take you right to the page on our website, and you don’t need to leave the blog as it opens in another window.

Thanks for your visit, the staff at Niche Gallery

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Perfume from Scotland.

Hello all,
We can now let you all see what the great range of Scottish Perfume, oils and soaps look like.
We have Ladies and Gents fragrance, and they come in a handy tube for carrying.

We have soap's and oils as well, all made in Scotland.

This one's for the Ladies.
So you know see what the Scottish Fragrance range looks like.
As always thanks for your visit, from the staff at Niche Gallery.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Window’s

Hello all, continuing on our window display theme, some more of the staff’s hard work on display.
This window show's some of our artwork, with a couple of fantastic paintings by "Rolf Harris"
along with a collection of nautical themed items, we are just a few steps from the sea after all.
("if you look close at the reflection n the window, you will see the old clock tower that dates back to the 17th century") 

Here we show you some of our mix inside the gallery, with originals of "Peter Wileman" and some "Fabian Perez" prints.

Some of our range of gifts inside the shop.
We carry a large range of stock, and look forward to your visit, should you ever be in the area of course.

Many thanks from all at Niche Gallery.