Saturday, 1 May 2010

First Bud's of May

Hello again all,

We are into spring now although it’s hard to believe with the way the weather jumps around from hot to cold right now, but we keep busy and the staff, have been re-arranging the shop just now and paying particular attention to the window displays, after all their hard work the windows now look very good.

It is a very important part of having a retail outlet and surprises me how so few shops spend much time on this aspect of business, it is after all your first part of advertising, and it is hoped that something in the window or the layout catches someone’s eye as they are passing.

We know from experience that this is in fact, true as we have had people passing in vehicles at night and they will pay us a visit next day or when back in the area,

to pursue their initial interest.

Once again we are waiting on some images to let you see the finished results, so as soon as we have them they shall be on the blog, until then you will just have to bear with the written word.

We are also working on a couple of things that are very exciting and will bring an even better shopping experience to our website, so keep looking out for our great news and please be patient as it involves a lot of work but will be worth the wait.

From all at Niche Gallery