Sunday, 18 April 2010


Hello all,

We have been a bit lazy with the blog the past two weeks, sorry but this has nothing to do with Volcano’s exploding in Iceland and nothing to do with all flights in or out of the U.K. and most of Northern Europe for that matter being cancelled, no none of this just the fact that I took a well earned rest last weekend (up into the Highlands of Scotland, which i will bring you more of next time) and my i.t. Dept then went on Holiday for a week. So we have to hope that the blog and the website will be right up to date by the middle of the week.(are you listening i.t. department)

Speaking of the Volcano that has gone off in Iceland just tends to remind us all that we are pretty much at the mercy of “Mother Nature” when she wants to show us all who is really in charge of this Planet of ours.
As a small note of interest, did you know that Edinburgh (The City) has a real Volcano right in the centre of town called "Arthurs Seat" it has been long dormant and long may this dormant state continue. But there cannot be many Cities in the World that have a Volcano in the centre?

So the blog will be ongoing as always and bringing you all the latest from our shop, where we do have some more stock to be showing, and of course will update you all with images of our great range of Scottish Perfume and soaps as soon as the manufacturers supply us the images.

As ever thanks for your time,
All at Niche Gallery