Saturday, 3 April 2010

Scottish Perfume,

Hello all,

We are delighted to be able to announce that we are now a preferred supplier for the brand new range of Scottish Perfumes, Soaps and oils that have been around seven years in development.
All made in the Scottish Highlands. So new and fresh we don’t even have it on our website yet! We hope to have all details and images on website very soon.

The Clans are the great story of Scotland; they express the essential spirit of the Scots – their romance, their generosity and their love of wild nature.
Each Clan has a signature plant – the Clan plant. The fragrance oils from the main Clan plants are used as the scent backbone of a unique family of fragrances: amongst the most glorious perfumes of our time; romantic and appealing and distinctly Scottish.

A home made product that is quality at a good price, just what we look for in a product.

Made by George Dodd the only perfumer in Scotland, has created these wonderfully uplifting Clan fragrances using the following Clan scent oils – Juniper, Red Whortleberry, Highland Myrtle, Heather and Pine.
The perfumes are sold in two sizes, one being a great small tester bottle at 5ml, which comes with a card attached, and the other size at 50ml comes packaged in its own tartan bag inside a convenient tube for packaging.
The soap from the heart of the Highlands is a luxury soap made with natural Clan plant fragrance.

A Wee bit of History.
In the days before tartans as we know it today, Scots Clans wore a plant from their Clan territory as a means of identifying one another – whether friend or foe.
These plants were considered to have mystical qualities, imparting courage and clanship amongst the wearers.
Now you can wear a combination of scent oils from these mystical plants in your Clan perfume.

You can have the taste of Scotland through her whisky's now you can have the scent of Scotland through her perfumes. Wear your fragrant Clan heritage with pride.

As always thanks from the staff at Niche Gallery.