Saturday, 6 February 2010

Continuing with our Artwork:

Hi there, continuing on the theme of artwork we feature and sell at The Niche Gallery, online and in our shop in Scotland, would like to show some of the work by an artist we have sold for many years now, we have featured his art before but we happen to think that you just never can get tired of looking at and admiring the artwork of Duncan Macgregor.
His scenes involving the sea and boats in particular are very good and we feature a couple of different media here, where there are originals, and limited editions.
There are some on canvas and some done on glass, in a special limited edition that has in fact sold out from the publisher some time ago.


Fantastic artwork from Duncan Macgregor.
Looks simple Eh! looks great!

Limited edition on Glass by Duncan Macgregor.

2nd in the series on Glass.

3rd in the Glass series.
Many thanks and hope you enjoy our views on artwork available for sale at Niche Gallery.