Saturday, 30 January 2010

Our Artwork this week is:

We would like to introduce you to an artist that we feature at Niche Gallery and we think his artwork is really a bit special, his name is Darren Baker who is well known in the U.K. for his realistic artwork that is difficult to tell from a photograph, you really have to look twice to make sure that they are not photographs. He has produced art for some big names in the U.K. and we also have access to the work that he does on a commercial basis for you the art loving customer. We have access to originals, limited editions and Gi'clees.
Artwork for sale at Niche Gallery.

As always check out the main secure website for details on price and availability.

Yes it really is a Painting!
Fantastic Realism!
Incredible artwork

The latest from Darren Baker.

Just another fine example of artwork that is available to the Niche Gallery.

The staff at Niche Gallery.

Flowers at Niche Gallery.

We are pleased to announce the commencement of a full florist service from The Niche Gallery; we have the services of a professional florist and can supply flowers worldwide for you if required.
We have fresh cut flowers on display at the shop in South Queensferry and very soon we hope to have the full range of floral exhibits on the main website, and if you are ordering from the shop there is a “Free” local delivery, enquire in shop for full details.

This is just one of the many services provided at and by Niche Gallery and we shall be bringing more so keep checking back for news on some of the exciting events that are going to happen, both online and in the shop.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Musical Notes!

Treble Clef in White.

As the shop with so much more, we say we are “More than a Gallery”

Featured today is our wonderful range of Musical Note Sculptures. The notes are instantly recognised throughout the world, a true language of the world.
They are all beautifully crafted the perfect gift or expression for those with a love of music.
There are 6 pieces that make up the collection, 3 in white and the other 3 in black, great for show in the home, office or studio.

We have the Base Clef here in Black.

The Base Clef here in White, would look good on top of a "Grand Piano"

Semi Quaver in Black.


Semi Quaver in White.

Treble Clef in Black.
These are the 6 notes that make up this collection.
Thank you from the staff at Niche Gallery.