Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Window’s

Hello all, continuing on our window display theme, some more of the staff’s hard work on display.
This window show's some of our artwork, with a couple of fantastic paintings by "Rolf Harris"
along with a collection of nautical themed items, we are just a few steps from the sea after all.
("if you look close at the reflection n the window, you will see the old clock tower that dates back to the 17th century") 

Here we show you some of our mix inside the gallery, with originals of "Peter Wileman" and some "Fabian Perez" prints.

Some of our range of gifts inside the shop.
We carry a large range of stock, and look forward to your visit, should you ever be in the area of course.

Many thanks from all at Niche Gallery.

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  1. Nice windows! Perhaps your staff will enjoy my blog about store displays. It's called the Retail Details. View it at:


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