Saturday, 13 February 2010

Scottish Artist’s

Hello there,
As we get close to Valentine’s day (seems like it was just xmas) it’s time to feature some of the great artwork we have for sale from Scottish artist’s after all we are based in Scotland (although we ship worldwide) and we have a tremendous selection of some of the better known and some not so well known artists from Scotland.
To many to feature just on a blog and I could not do them all justice, we are also always interested in new artists Local or international, so if you think your art or you know of a budding and talented artist that could do with some much needed exposure to the commercial market then drop us a line, and let us see the work.

The first painting is by an artist called Jim Nicolson, and it is of a scene from the Outer Hebrides (Islands of the West coast of Scotland)

Next we have a painting from Judith Bridgeland called Stormy Seas.
A lot of artwork in Scotland seems to show the Sea, perhaps something to do with the fact that it is such a small country where you can never be more than about 50 miles from the Sea.

Then we move on to a particular favourite of ours Lesley Mclaren, and this one is called Silent Watch.

Julie Ramsey is a pretty well known artist in Scotland and we have sold her paintings and limited edition prints for some time now, she does some very well known scenes of Edinburgh and the surrounds, this one is a limited edition of a scene in Edinburgh’s High Street (Known as the “Royal Mile) and it shows John Knox’s House (built in the 15th century and still there)

Next up is a great picture by Kate Philip called Musical Montage.

Lin Pattullo is another artist that we have featured for a long time and her paintings are just so simple and reflect a real nice feel about them.

So there you have a small selection of some of the great Scottish art we have for sale online and at the shop in South Queensferry in Scotland. I was not going to mention Valentines Day tomorrow but we do also sell fresh flowers and floral displays at the shop (there I have actually mentioned it twice)

Thanks from all the staff.

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