Sunday, 24 January 2010

Musical Notes!

Treble Clef in White.

As the shop with so much more, we say we are “More than a Gallery”

Featured today is our wonderful range of Musical Note Sculptures. The notes are instantly recognised throughout the world, a true language of the world.
They are all beautifully crafted the perfect gift or expression for those with a love of music.
There are 6 pieces that make up the collection, 3 in white and the other 3 in black, great for show in the home, office or studio.

We have the Base Clef here in Black.

The Base Clef here in White, would look good on top of a "Grand Piano"

Semi Quaver in Black.


Semi Quaver in White.

Treble Clef in Black.
These are the 6 notes that make up this collection.
Thank you from the staff at Niche Gallery.

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