Saturday, 23 January 2010

Artist of the Week.

Hello all,
Continuing on the theme of featured artists each week, here is some original art that we think is really stunning in its use of colour and we think it is just uplifting art, so what better reason to feature it at this some what drab time of year for most of us. The artwork is all new pieces from an artist by the name of Ben Payne, the art shown here is all original oils on stretched canvas, we also have some of his limited edition work on canvas although not featured here for now.


This one from Ben Payne is called Hazy Summer III
See what i mean about up-lifting!
This one is called Liberty IV

Here we have Summer View IV

This one is called Summer View V
Ben also does a lot of beach sences that have the same simple magical quality of making you think "I wish I was there"
Coming ashore I is the name of this painting.
you can almost hear the sound of the waves breaking on the shore and the gentle warm breeze on your face in this one.
Summer Sands III has a Robinson Crusoe feel about it.

Last but not least Ben has done a new view on one of the Italian Lakes this one is called Lake Maggio
I am sure as you can see we have some great artwork at the Niche Gallery, and as ever for further details you can visit the main website for further details and prices or if you feel like it you can give us a call at the number on the website and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to help you.

There has been a lot going on at the shop since the turn of the year, but I have just not been able to find the time to keep you all updated on this blog, as regular as I usually can, once things settle down a bit and we get over the next hurdle (Valentines Day) which and while I remember we have a range of new stock just for this occasion so don’t forget.
Right now we are preparing for the new collection of Miss Dee jewellery coming in which is pretty exciting along with the great new range of designs they are bringing in is a full range of children’s jewellery as well, so more about that nearer the time.
Thanks for your time and continued support, I would also like to mention that as soon as I can get the time I shall get round to linking our main website to some of the cool websites that are now following our blog.

The staff at Niche Gallery.

Could not resist showing you another one of Ben Paynes Paintings, the one below is called
Ocean View


  1. Beautiful Payne paintings. Can feel the wet sand between my toes!
    We never miss your posts.

  2. Hi.:-) so many nice pic...whit the finest blue colour...Nice..:-)

  3. Hello =) thanks for following me on my blog =) i`ll follow you back =)


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