Saturday, 9 January 2010

Art at Niche Gallery.

Hello All,
Time to feature some of the fantastic and successful artists that Niche Gallery have, we feature some of the leading artists available in the U.K. and even if the work is not in stock we have access to the artists work, and we can also take commissions from any particular artist that is featured.
First artist we shall concentrate on and feature is Henderson Cisz, one of the best in his field of contemporary City scenes, a definite favourite of ours.
We shall feature a different artist and there work each week, so keep a look out to see some real good artwork, and remember “never let a wall go naked”, put a painting on your wall and make it one that you like as you will be looking at it for a long time.

This one (Above) is called 42nd Street.
It is a large canvas and is a signed limited edition.

This one is called Tokyo Life.
Henderson's latest works are a new look at some of his scenes, done in a fresh new way that has a fresh and original look. The first one we feature is called Shadows of the City I.

Shadows of the City II

Shadows of the City III
A great selection of existing and new work from Henderson Cisz

Thanks from all the staff at Niche Gallery.

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