Saturday, 2 January 2010

First Post of 2010.

Hi All,
Welcome to 2010, and just had to make the first Niche Gallery post of this New Year, to tell you all about a real crazy event that occurs each year on the first of January in South Queensferry. And it is still snowing here in Scotland.

Picture from a previous year.
It is the annual “Loony Dook” where a whole load of very brave or some would say mad souls take to the invigorating and some what fresh waters of The River Forth, this is in sub zero temperatures don’t forget and is no doubt just after a long celebration of the New Year. You will find out all about this “Celebration” here

I hasten to add that non of the staff of Niche Gallery surfaced in time to take part!
It is all in a good cause and has been going for the last 24 years or so, and long may it continue we say, as a lot of very worth while charities benefit from it. This includes a charity that we at Niche Gallery think is well worth a mention at any time of the year, namely the Marie Curie Trust. You can find out a lot more about this organisation by visiting

Thanks from The staff at Niche Gallery.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Last Post in 2009.

Hello all,
As we approach the last day of 2009 and prepare to welcome in the new year of 2010 (A new Decade) this will be the final post from Niche Gallery untill next year.
So we have a very fitting painting to show you here from the fantastic artist Fabian Perez.
With the wonderful title of "For a Better Life II"

Wishing all a good New Year from all the staff at Niche Gallery.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Rolf Harris Artwork.

Hi all,
Thought i would feature a great limited edition (395) painting by the well known and loved artist (Australian in the U.K.) Rolf Harris.
This one is very apt at this time of the year.
Title Heading Home by Rolf Harris

The staff at Niche Gallery

Sunday, 27 December 2009

T'was a White Christmas.

Hi all,
Still the big topic here is the continued snow, which started more than a week ago, and it is still going, not so good for anyone on the move outside but our Husky just loves it.
At a time like this she really does show her background, and makes me realise that the Husky breeds have not been domesticated for all that long.
Animals and nature in harmony while the white stuff after it loses its novelty just becomes “Delayed Rain” to the rest of us humans.

Let it Snow.

Come on lets play in the snow!

It's pretty cool up here!

Stay warm and safe, from all at Niche Gallery.