Saturday, 28 November 2009

Fairy Tales.

Hello all,
At this magical time of year it is we feel appropriate to show you all some of the magical products we stock, including the wonderful range of Fairy castles.
They are all hand made in Ireland and no castle is the same as the next one, more than a wonderful gift and something that could be handed down through the generations, an heirloom if you want.
What little girl (Or not so little) would not wish to have this as a gift, and when you see them light up, then you see the Childs eye’s light up as well.

Primrose Castle.

Primrose Glitter.
The primrose fairy castle is decorated with numerous yellow primroses, ladybirds, mushrooms and butterflies. The positioning of the decoration will vary from castle to castle as no one castle is identical to another. The ladybirds and butterflies are brought to life with metal feelers and are painted black. All castles in this range are colourful and finished with a coat of glitter to add a little bit of magic.
What Thoughtful fairy would not want to live in a Fairy Castle like this one.

Rose Castle
The rose fairy castle is decorated with pearly pink roses, ladybirds and mushrooms. The positioning of the decoration will vary from castle to castle as no one castle is identical to another. The ladybirds are brought to life with metal feelers and are painted gold. Pastel colours run through the pearlescent range, these colours are brought to life with the pearly paint that is added to the mix to give the castle a slight sheen.

This feature light is made up of two parts, a base and the castle itself. The light fitting is secured into the base of the feature light.

The little guy in the family has not been forgotten about either as they now hand make great Forts for the guy’s.
Little Knights Fort.
This is the first design to launch our new boys’ range of feature lights. This castle is a very special princes’ fort. Silver metal flags our affixed to the turret roofs and the castle is painted in silver and blue tones. The castle is decorated with ivy and stone brick features along with slated roofs

Another wonderful Fairy to look at from our collection.
The Fairies are from another supplier and are not hand made but no less appealling than the hand made Castles and look great together.
Take care and thanks to all our visitors, untill the next one bye from The Niche Gallery.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nasty Weather.

Hello All,
Well they do say that people in the U.K. are obsessed by the weather, and going by the terrible weather we have had for the last week or so, I can understand the sentiments, also the fact that in many ways the weather really does control a lot of what we do each day, and we think it also has a lot to do with moods as well.
So with this in mind it's a small blog today and thought I would throw in a Limited Edition print we have that show's the Forth Railway Bridge at a better time of the year.

Called Reflections in the Forth.
As always thanks for taking the time to visit, from all at Niche Gallery.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Xmas Gifts.

After a very wet last few days, with rains that caused a lot of damage in some parts of the country, and also loss of life it is good to see a little break in the weather for a few hours at least.
The seasons over here seem to be moving as this is the type of weather we would expect in october in the past. So it seams that this year it is taking longer for those that do, to get into the spirit of things, so to try and brighten things up a little lets look at some more product we have stocked up on this year.

This 3 look like they are searching for the Spirit of Christmas, among the pretend snow in the window, do you think they shall find it, as up to now they "Still havent found what they are looking for"

A carousel and a couple of small Santa's in the window.

One of the window's looking festive.

Some nice little music boxes and gifts.
Until next time thanks from all at Niche Gallery.