Saturday, 21 November 2009

The shop at Xmas.

Hello Everyone.
We have now pretty much got the shop all looking very festive, with the decorations up and the windows dressed for Christmas time, a big thank you to all the staff for there hard work.
This will be the theme for the blog over this weekend and remember folk’s only around 5 weeks to Christmas day.

One of the windows for Christmas.

As you enter the front door.

This will look good in your Xmas Stocking!

- Ladies size gold plated Cairn Charles Rennie Mackintosh half bangle watch. Case dimensions: 21mm diameter.
- Champagne dial. Raised dial detail.
- Miyota (Citizen) watch movement - standard battery cells available worldwide.
- Dedicated "Glasgow Rose" watch bracelet.
- One year guarantee and dedicated Cairn Charles Rennie Mackintosh presentation box included.
- Waterproof 30m (Just in case you forget to take it off before you go swimming!)

Back to the shop.

Check out "Frosty the Snowman" along with a box full of Santa's.
The Frosty sings a song when you press his arm, and guess what the song is ("Frosty the Snowman")
The perfect fun gift, and a great buy to give to the person that you may wish to annoy just a little bit after the noisy gift they gave your child last year, then left chuckling, knowing that it was going to drive you crazy for a few days (at least until you managed to hid the battery for a while) Go on get your own back.

As always, thanks from the team at Niche Gallery


Hi There,
At this time of year we feel it is important to remember that Christmas is really all about giving for us hear at Niche Gallery, and last month or so we helped with some fund raising for the local “Ferry Fair” committee, an organisation set up to run the local events in South Queensferry.
We ran an art competition for all the local schools and we framed a collection of the kid’s paintings, showed them in the shop and one of the windows. A silent auction was arranged around the paintings on show.
The staff had a busy time setting every thing up and the window really looked fantastic.

This was the window set up and dressed by the staff, for the silent auction.

We are proud to say that a reasonable amount of cash was raised with all the proceeds going to the “Ferry Fair” committee to go towards all there event organising.
The cheque for the cash has now been handed over to the “Ferry fair” committee.

Thanks to the staff, parents, local schools and of course the children who enterered.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More Gifts.

Time to show you some more of our great gifts from Germany, they are now all set up in the shop, and the management and staff have worked very hard to also put up all the Christmas decorations, so the shop is looking as always at this time of year very warm and Christmassy (if there is such a word)

We dont just have large items, as we like to try and provide as wide a range of gifts as possible, so here are some neat little carousel musix boxes.

Nice small Tea Lights, all with there Christmas theme of course.

Neat little carousels that wind up to play there music.

As it is getting closer to that time, again this year, we also need to think about something for "Him" dont you.
So we have a great range of watches for Gents as well, both ranges are based on the Rennie Macintosh design and along with the traditional "Celtic" style design they are a great gift.

Time to show, you some artwork as well, and why not a winter scene from a Legend in the U.K. non other than Rolf Harris. Called First Snow Hyde Park Horses.

Regards from Niche Gallery.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Train.

Hi all,
Have to say it is good to welcome some new visitors to the blog thank you for visiting.
If you remember i spoke about a really fantastic gift that we had in for Christmas from Germany, well the staff have checked it all out and it really does work, you put a couple of drops of the secret mixture into the train and before you know it the train is blowing smoke just like in the days of the old steam trains.

Our "olde steam train" Santa's Express.
We have also been setting out some of the other goodies in from Germany and we want to show you a couple of Music Boxes and of course it would not be Christmas without Santa.
 Music Box with a difference they have a winter scene with little figurines skating around to some classic tunes.

Santa looking good on the counter in the shop.
Lets not forget now that we have the technology for putting video's on the blog, we shall feature our great collection of Watches with a Scottish theme first, so here is another great watch for the Ladies.

- Ladies size Cairn Charles Rennie Mackintosh cocktail watch. Case dimensions: 21mm x 29mm.
- Full colour dial with raised dial detail.
- Miyota (Citizen) watch movement - standard battery cells available worldwide.
- Dedicated Charles Rennie Mackintosh Glasgow Rose stainless steel bracelet.
- One year guarantee and dedicated Cairn Charles Rennie Mackintosh presentation box included.
So thats the video taken care of, now dont forget for that anytime occasion, we have our lovely range of Miss Dee Jewellery from Sweden.

We have Long, Medium and short necklaces, amongst our range.
The team at Niche Galley, you can visit us here by clicking on the website and it should open u in a new window so you can always come back to this page.