Saturday, 31 October 2009


The new range of Miss Dee fashion jewellery has now arrived in the shop in South Queensferry, fresh from Sweden and looking great.
“Miss Dee a girls best friend.”
We have been busy setting the range out in the shop, and it is looking good.

No sooner had the staff started to lay the pieces out and put them in the cabinets and the window, when we had happy customers purchasing some of this fantastic jewellery.

We have the full new range from Long, Medium and short chain necklaces, with a range of Bangles and bracelets.

Not forgetting earrings to complete, all at very good prices, and of course we shall be busy working on getting the full range onto the shop website so that you can also purchase from there at your own convenience.

Gold and Silver plated fashion earrings.
It will be a busy weekend for sure along with Halloween as well; looking forward to some Halloween cake let me tell you.

Here is a photo of our Grand Daughter’s Pumpkin, (not sure who it was modelled on!:) she cant wait to see it outside in the dark all lit up.
Oh!, lets not forget we also have the full range of Miss Dee Rings as well which will look great for any occasion.

We hope to have it all on the web by the end of next week so keep checking back at
Thanks from all at Niche Gallery 

Friday, 30 October 2009

Car Couture Classics

Hello All,
We love this collection and like everything else in the Gallery we sell it with enthusiasm but we all have our own favourites, this being one of mine. Nostalgia, it takes me back to the days when my concerns were what I am going to wear today and what pub we were to meet in after work. It was important to remember because back in the dark ages we had to arrange our social lives without mobile phones, forgetting the meeting place might have taken you on a pub-crawl trying to find your friends and that was a real hardship! I made a lot of new friends, looking for my old friends.
I Remember fondly a time before congestion charges and speed cameras, when a sleeping policeman meant a dozing bobby and you could still fill up for less than a couple of quid (U.K. pound sterling), Car Couture relives those glorious carefree days of open top motoring. Beautifully sculpted classic marques and characters of the era vividly recapture all the thrilling fun of wind in your hair.

Street Machines.
Then we move on to today and of course we would not forget the Petrol Heads amongst us, so we have a great collection of Street Machines. They look good at home or on an office desk.

A fine collection of fun cars based on some of today’s fast models.

Thanks as always, the team at Niche Gallery.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Rain all day today and I cannot feel the “Love is all around us” and struggle to smile, until my Granddaughter starts to talk about Halloween this Saturday, she is very excited about her parties and going tricking and treating in the dark with her baby sister both in full scary costume, (with Mum and Dad of course). I am armed with my pumpkin lantern and bowl, which will be over flowing with delicious sweets with an alternative of Apples, raisins and nuts if required.

Talking of Halloween we are about to launch a favourite of our customers in our Gallery for many a year onto our website. He is Richard Pell and works in the media of Steel and he produces some scary stuff like Witches on broomsticks, Bats, Scaredy Cats, Skull & Crossbones and spiky angry fish. You will be able to view his full collection soon.

Looks like this cat has seen the witch above.
The original Creative Metalwork range is hand crafted from mild steel. A mixture of different heat treatments and skilful grinding creates its unique surface pattern. Each piece is then lacquered to prevent rusting in an indoor environment.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Just in Case.

Just a quick reminder that British Summer Time ended during the night, i say what summer? and why do they keep messing with the clock's, the only clock i have correct this morning is the one on my laptop, so i now have to go round and change every thing that worked on a clock system.

So for the U.K. readers, the clocks went back one hour. For some that will mean an extra hour in bed, but just remember this when you wake up an hour early tomorrow morning and you can't get back to sleep.