Saturday, 17 October 2009


Hello All,
Just a quick update to tell you all that the magnificent liner that is the Queen Mary II is now parked just before the Forth Rail Bridge, opposite South Queensferry and the Niche Gallery (We can see her from our side window) what a sight she is, the weather is fine and sunny a little bit cold to start with but a "Perfect Day"and we have managed to get some photographs of her and as soon as I get time I will have then on the blog by tomorrow.
Got to go for now,

Thanks from Niche Gallery

Friday, 16 October 2009

Art by Ben Payne

Hello All,

Going to feature some artwork today by an artist called Ben Payne, we think his work is great and show here a trio of paintings by him. Called Sunkissed Shore's I, II and III and as winter approaches it's great to look at his scenes of warmer climes.

Wish you were here!

Fantastic art we think
I could re-title this one to "Walk and dont look back"
Untill tomorrow,
the team at Niche Gallery

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Hi Again,
Keeping our fingers crossed, for good weather this Saturday, as we have the last of the Cruise Liners visiting us.
They have saved the best for last this year with the visit of the Queen Mary II,
(QM, II) as they call her. She is paying a visit to Edinburgh on her travels and the only place they can berth her is opposite South Queensferry, where the passengers use the Ships boats to transfer to land at South Queensferry. A lot of visitors are then bussed, directly into Edinburgh courtesy of, the good people of Edinburgh City Council, for the visitors that perhaps have been there and done it before, there is the historical old town of South Queensferry to browse around, and we look forward to welcoming them all.
Weather depending (as always in Scotland) we hope to get some photo’s of her visit on Saturday, and show then on the Blog.

Until then we will go with a picture of one of our yacht models.
This model in itself is pretty interesting (A limited Edition of 250) as the base of this model is made from mahogany taken from the original keel, timber from the original Gipsy Moth IV that sailed around the world. Part of any sale goes towards the Gipsy Moth IV trust to help in the maintaining of the rebuilt famous yacht.

The Queen Mary II visited last year for the first time, and the good people at the council, sort of underestimated the demand for the amount of interest the visit would generate (Surprise, surprise that! for a nation that is surrounded by water, and used to build all the world’s great ships) so it was gridlock in South Queensferry, for the day. When the Queen Mary II visit's "It's a kind of Magic"
You will see that we are so much more than a gallery, although artwork is important part of what we offer, it is by no means all.

The Team at Niche Gallery

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Time or lack of!

Hello All,
Short blog today as I have had to spend most of the morning waiting on the banks to open, only wish sometimes I had there, working week.
Good news is that we now have the new Miss Dee catalogue and will be ordering the new jewellery soon, and then we need to get it on to my website, are you listening I.T. guys? Along with the details of the bangle watches I gave yesterday, we will get there it all just takes time and I don’t have a team of people working with me.

Going through some recent photograph’s as well and thought I would share this one with you, it is of our dog a Siberian Husky who just has a great time playing on the kids trampoline, this picture makes it look like she has had a “hard days night” she is a lot of fun, very protective and does as she is told most of the time, a bit like some husbands? Oh I will get into trouble now!
Thanks, the team at Niche Gallery.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Functional Fashion

Hello Everyone,
Well don’t know about you all, but I like things that have a use apart from looking good, and in trying to come up with something to blog about today, finding it so much more difficult than I ever imagined but also fun at times, some days it just seems like I am becoming “comfortably numb” or should that be uncomfortably numb when my mind just goes blank and you end up staring at the screen.
To get back to the subject of my blog today, going to show you a range of great fashion watches that we have, they are just the thing when you need that special accessory, and can’t think of what to put on.
They come in a load of different colours all with a different stone setting, and look great on your wrist, then you just pull back and wow, there you are you have a neat little watch.

They are also at a fantastic price, look good and they have a use, just what we look for in sourcing product.

We also have the bangle watches as shown above these enamel watches also look great with a load of different looks, again they are also good looking watches
They are inexpensive and cool. Priced from around 15 to 25 pounds it means you can have a different accessory for each new look and never be stuck for finding something new to go, with that look.
Until next time.
The team at Niche Gallery

Monday, 12 October 2009

Artwork by Peter Knox

Hello All,
Along with the changing time of the year and the leaves now starting to change colour before mother nature roars in to strip some of them bare for the winter, brings me to the theme again of a changing world (not for me to decide for better or worse)
This week I want to introduce you to a painter whose work we have in the gallery.
His name is Peter Knox and he paints scenes from a time when the North East of England was a real industrial powerhouse (Like many, more parts of the U.K.) his paintings I have to admit, the more I look at them invoke a real sense of a time gone by, with this first one being called All together boys. This is a painting that anyone with a connection to the sea will be able to relate, as the men come out of the shipyard after a tough days work.

All together boys.
Speaking of tough jobs, just heard on the local news that yet another mine has been found in the River Forth, now the people who have to deal with those things that is a tough job, I don’t know much about them, but these terrible weapons must be even more dangerous after being in the sea for over 60 years, to then just be caught up in a fishing boats net, or washed up on the shore like “pebbles on the beach” (although you would not want to kick them) makes you wonder about how many more of these things are laying around the bottom of our oceans, and just how responsible were the people, who were charged with disposing of them at the time!
So hats off to the disposal guys who now have to deal with them.

Hive of Industry by Peter Knox
Regards, the team at Niche Gallery

Sunday, 11 October 2009

South Queensferry 002

It would be remiss of me when speaking of South Queensferry, not to mention the leviathan that stands over the town in the shape of the Forth Railway Bridge, now I am pretty sure that many words have been written about this great feat of Victorian engineering that still stands as a testament to the brave men who built and worked on the bridge over one hundred years ago.
I look up at the bridge and every time I admire the feat, and wonder if there will be much of what passes for building nowadays still around in one hundred years time, not many I guess.
I often wonder about the design of the bridge, and think that perhaps they based there design on the loch Ness Monster as it also reminds me of Nessie, or was it the case that Nessie was based on the design of the bridge (leave you to decide that one)

Or perhaps it’s just me that can see any resemblance!

The Bridge.

Can you see any resemblance!

Before the mighty road bridge was built around 40 years ago, the only way to get motor transport over the river was by ferry, (unless you went round the long way by road)
Now I don’t say that I remember the ferries crossing the wide stretch of water but it gets me to thinking that they were probably a great way to cross, and it seems that here in Scotland where the sea is never far away we just don’t make the use of what’s on our doorstep, when I think of other great stretches of water around the world they all use ferries and small boats to transport people and goods around.
When I think of the Sydney (Australia) ferries and the ferries in Seattle (U.S.A.), they work very well and also provide something to the cities they are based in.
A great way to travel, perhaps one day the ones who purport to know better will see the advantages of this form of getting around.

Wonder if the guy at the pier had just missed the boat!

I did say in my first post that this would be a weekly instalment, now that was being a bit ambitious as due to time constraints I will in fact do an instalment on South Queensferry once per month.