Saturday, 3 October 2009

Staff at Niche Gallery

Hello All,
Short blog today, it is the weekend but the shop carries on as we are open 7 days a week, so spare a thought for our hard working staff please.
Which brings me to a fond farewell to Nicola who has been with the Niche Gallery for 5 years now, she is moving on to pastures new and we would just like to say a big thank you and wish her all the best for the future.
We are sure that you will achieve your dream; it may take a bit longer than you would wish for but you will get there, of that we are positive.
In time all our staff will be contributing to this blog with there thoughts and input, so you will be getting a few different points of view, which should make for an even more interesting read.
When I think about it, now with our online internet shop, you could almost say we are in fact open “8 days a week”

While we are giving our thanks today we would also like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new readers as well.

The team at Niche Gallery

Friday, 2 October 2009

"Miss Dee"

So for any one that does not know "Who is Miss Dee" well it is the brand name of superb new Jewellery from Sweden.
Well the latest “News” is the fact that at last we are about to receive the “New Range” of”Miss Dee” Jewellery.

We have been waiting on this exiting new range for a couple of months now and our suppliers in Sweden, kept telling us it should arrive soon, first it was going to arrive September, and the staff kept calling only to be told there was a slight delay, and with each call it was a case of “Mama Mia” but we now have the brand new brochure and are awaiting the first new order, there are a lot more designs to the range now to reflects the popularity of this great fashion jewellery and it is at good prices too, so customers can get more for there “Money, Money, Money” in these harsh economic times.

About Miss Dee

Miss Dee has quickly become one of the leading suppliers of fashion jewellery in Sweden. With some 15 years of experience in the sourcing, buying and designing fashion, this family owned company has proven its strong positions in the market.
Our wide array of fashion jewellery for women between 20 and upwards, is priced in the middle price range. All designs are made in-house.
The new range will be at Niche Gallery in a couple of weeks, and we shall update you of the day that we take delivery, with previous delivery, customers have been buying as the cabinets are being laid out by the staff.
Don’t miss out and orders can also be taken by Email
Thank you,

The team at Niche Gallery

Thursday, 1 October 2009

View from the Gallery

Hello All,

With winter now approaching thoughts turn to what we can see out the window, we also like to see what’s on the walls just in case the view out the window is somewhat obscure, this is where a good piece of artwork can brighten up any room.

As the days get shorter, at least here in Scotland, the surroundings slowly start to change as Mother Nature carries on her journey and the colours around us also start to change, there is a definite chill in the air in the mornings now, which our dog, a Husky just loves, as she gets ready for her favourite time of the year.

As long as it stays bright and cool you will not hear us say -”Oh how I wish that it would rain” but lets not forget that there are places in the world where they would be saying this and other places that wished it did not rain quite so much, such as the terrible situation that seems to hit the Pacific Region just now.

One of my favourite views on paintings right now are the superb collection of Duncan Macgregor’s art work that we have, in fact we were lucky enough to get the last 3 in the set from the publisher, we think his work is pretty special but please allow the pictures below to speak about his fine take on what would be a great view at any time of the year.

Mirrored Seas I "Signed Limited Edition"
of only 95 on "Glass"

Mirrored Seas II "Signed Limited Edition"
of only 95 on "Glass"

Mirrored Seas III "Signed Limited Edition" of only 95 on "Glass"
If you look close you may be able to make out the fact that these Paintings are done on Glass to produce a fantastic effect, as we try and say "Unique".
We also have a fine collection of local and well know Scottish Artists, which we will be showcasing as time goes on.

Will also be having a monthly look at the historical old town where we are located, a place like any other, I guess full of rich history, and “never ending stories” but that’s for later.

And last but not least we also wish to have as many flags on our flag counter as possible, so if you have friends in countries not already on the flag counter then please send this blog to them, and kindly request that they visit so there flag will go onto the counter in the flag counter box, thank you.

The Team at Niche Gallery


Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Unauthorised Blog Posting

Just a quick note that we seem to have some others trying to publish a blog on top of or running along beside this official blog, untill we get the situation sorted out, we shall be still be publishing but we shall make mention of it every time, the people doing this are from some college in Canada, (We know who you are)
or do we have to put it in Japanese for them to understand as that can be done as well,and we have notified the appropriate athorities who are now dealing with this, just one of the petty things that occur nowadays with some people who dont have an original idea in the heads.

Can we just let them know that its all been done before.
I think we have been very good with restraining quotes on this blog up to now.

Thanks Friends.


Anyone have the “Time”

The most precious commodity there is and no one can purchase or sell it.

Far to detailed a subject to get into on this blog for now but a fascinating subject all the same when you really think of it, each persons perception of time is slightly different but the one thing that stays constant is the second hand in the clock (unless the batteries run down of course) which brings me to the “jist” of today’s blog, as we have just taken delivery of some unusual clocks that can be used inside or outside.

The staff at Niche Gallery just cannot get away from “Clock Watching”

Fortunately they are all pretty much silent but look very good in the gallery beside some of the wonderful paintings.

There is even one that is “Radio Controlled” , amazing what technology means nowadays, this clock really is great, you just put the batteries in it and watch the minute and second hand race around until they lock onto the correct time, so no more asking what the correct time is. Most of them run on “AA” batteries.

These clocks are designed to be used outside or inside and would be ideal in a conservatory or even if you have a glass house for growing your tomatoes and other fruits and vet, so no more excuses for not coming in and saying you lost all track of time.

Even as I write this “Time keeps on slipping, slipping into the future”

Nice to see some of the comments that the blog is attracting, and also to see the varied countries where people are visiting from, thank you to you all we appreciate your interest, as time is different in each country its amazing that it was all standardised to Greenwich Mean Time, from the Greenwich Laboratory in London, what did people do before this “GMT” was set up.

I guess they did not work to time as we know it, there lives were then more determined by there surroundings or where they were in the world, so the herdsman’s day would be run by the needs of there animals and so on, fascinating subject that I just don’t have the time to delve into right now, as these clocks keep telling me.

Thanks from the team at Niche Gallery


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

More than just a Blog!

Hi There,

Welcome back and a very big thank you and warm welcome to all the followers, we really do appreciate you all helping to make this blog a success.

Our aim as I have said before is to present an informative and useful blog and not just a dry product only read.

So we are going to introduced a few tangents here.

As something of a slight life change in our family we just all got so fed up with eating plastic super market packaged food, so we have now started to go back to the days of cooking meals from scratch and have to say we cheated a little bit and went out and purchased a couple of non expensive cook books. It really has been some thing of a pleasant surprise and as we all lead such busy lives we needed stuff that could be thrown together quickly, just meant that some preparation needed to be done the night before, but when every one, mucks in, it is not difficult and every meal we have had has been pretty good.

We have still had some take away meals but all in all it’s been great and the food tastes so much better. So before I “ramble on” too much (good song there)

This got us thinking that we would also like to share this with you, and why, with all your help of course don’t we run a “Recipe of the Month” thing, just simple easy to make meals, we are not looking for fancy time consuming cooking, and what we can do is publish the recipe each month.

Your recipe can be emailed to or just put them into the comment page and we will look at them and your recipe will be on the Niche Gallery Blog. At the end of the month we shall publish your recipe in the main blog.

For a bit of “fun” we are also going to try and slip into the post the title of a song or a well known line from a song and you need to guess who the singer was, and we will also see how this goes, could be a bit of “fun”

We are always looking for comments and or suggestions so please send them in, and tell all your friends about us.

In time we will have the best ways for everyone to interact with this but it is early days doing this blog so stick with us and laugh at the mistakes, tell us and we will correct them, and if you happen to see a quality product that you think we would be interested in having in the shop or online then please tell us about it.


The Team at Niche Gallery

Monday, 28 September 2009

More than a gallery

Hi again,

The title says it all about us we think as we stock so many unique and some not so unique products, just to give a little taster of some of the new stock we have soursed for the gallery, i am enclosing a couple of pic's to show fantastic childrens shoes/boots that we have just got in from the makers of the famous "Robeez" shoes, you know the ones that all the star's kids are wearing just now, they are very good we have to admit and we have one of our Grand Kid's fitted out in a pair, they are just so neat and look as good as we think they must feel. 
Lets have a couple of more pic's to show them off.
Fantastic are they not.

More. O.K. then here is another in Brown this time.

So as you will start to see we are more than just a gallery although we still have many great artworks, and i just want to show you this one before i sign off, it is a piece of sculpture from Sweden.


Fantastic sculpture in glass.

Many thanks for your time and your visit.

All the Staff.More than a Gallery

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The shop at Niche Gallery

Hi There,

Thought we would give you a bit more info about our Physical .
"Real" shop at 6-7 High Street, South Queensferry, just a few miles outside of Edinburgh, right on the seaside.
You will see from the attached pic that we are open Monday to Saturday and also on Sunday afternoon.
Just between the two buildings in the photo is the little Harbour.
There was a cruise ship arrived into the forth yesterday and they berth just off to the east of the Forth Rail Bridge and they are shipped to shore on small boats, and while most of the visitors are wisked off to Edinburgh in buses we do get a lot of interested visitors from the cruise ships and we are also looking forward to next month when the majestic "Queen Mary" will be paying another visit to the Forth.
South Queensferry being a small historical town right on the water and our own love of the sea, means that we do stock a few Nautical style Paintings and Gifts, amongst all our other "Goodies".
Here's a small preview.

Fantastic art by Duncan Macgregor
This is part of a set of 3 Called "Mirrored Seas" a Limited Edition and done on Glass.

 This one is an original oil by Peter Wileman
It is called Christchurch Harbour.

To give you a taste of some of the products that we have aside from Paintings we have a large collection of Quality sculpture and Gifts such as

This great Pottery by Anita Harris, Anita used to be with the World Famous "Poole Pottery" and now works from her own studios producing fine work and very collectable too.

What little or not so little girl would not wish for one of our hand made Fairy Castle, and the fact that they are all hand made means that no two Castle are the same, a unique and quality gift that is made in Ireland.

Thanks as always.

Sorry you will have to wait.

Hi there all,
Sorry got nothing done on the blog today, just so much to do, will get back to it soon as, with some more of our good bits and will hope to be writting a lot more and not only showing our great products,until then.

Thanks for stopping by.