Friday, 25 September 2009

Artwork we stock and Like (of course)

We are going to update the blog with a few of our most loved artworks first of all to give our friends a better idea of the type of artist's work we stock, and of course we can arrange for commissions to be done if required, just contact us for details, we will build up an album of great (in our opinion) artwork on the blog.
Without boring everyone to much we do have access to over 100  of the best known commercial artist's around, and rather than start to list them better if we let you see an example of there work, and we could even run a little competition if we have enough interest, lets say we count up the votes for each artist each month and we shall publish a little display of there work.
Let me work on this a bit more as we could always offer a small price (say discount off a purchase) or such.
So i better load a couple of pictures to let you see eh!
This one is by Darren Baker.

This is by Fabian Perez

This one by Henderson Cisz

This one by Johnathan Shaw, is it not fantastic, but we think they all are, of course, i think it will be difficult to pick from the artwork that we are going to show you.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

A new artist to our list.

Hi there,

Adding a new artist to this blog, to let you see some of his artwork, you may or not have heard of Fabian Perez but we at  love his work, being very atmospheric and not in the least pretentious, in our opinion just good art. Not about to write too much about it as we would not consider ourself's as art critics we just like what we like and we always just say if you like it and you want it, and of course it is not going to mean you go without for a week then why not buy it.
Remember No Wall Should Remain Naked for to long.
Still needing to work on getting our blog onto our website as well and will be speaking to our website guy tomorrow and with anyluck you will be able to see our blog direct from the website.
Niche Gallery does not just have great artwork, and in due course we will feature some of our great other products, hey we have even just got in today "A spider catcher" which is amazing really as it allows those that are not to keen on our little eight legged friends to catch them at arms lentgh and it (this is the really cool bit) also keeps them unharmed so you can put them back outside and they can carry on with there amazing lives, great eh!

Well more later Friends,

Staff at 

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Still working on it.

Hi Friends,
Not going to do too much to the blog for now, perhaps later when i get some more time and read up a bit more of this blog site, as it is pretty involved and takes a fair bit of time setting up and trying to enable people to be able to see what we are trying to do, as we said any help or suggestion would be very welcome, if you see this of course, and thats the part we need to do some work on, just to let the blogging world see what we are about.


The Niche

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Miss Dee Jewelery

Hi again Friends,

Was going to wait until tomorrow to tell you all about the fantastic new range of jewellery we have from 2 Swedish designers called "Miss Dee" all at very good prices and it is going like hot cakes.
Finding this blogging is pretty addictive and looking forward to eventualy telling you all about most of our product range.
The staff at

First one with Pic's

This one is to show what type of artwork  has online or in our shop in South Queensferry near Edinburgh (more about the town later)
In the meantime just a taster of artwork for now. The artwork is by Rolf Harris and is called "Windswept Lion" You will find more at this link to the store.


It's a Start.

Phew, finaly got there bit scary at first setting up this first go at blogging, but it will grow and get better with time and as our staff get used to it you will be able to see all our new products like the new range of "Miss Dee" jewelry first, and all the other quality products we stock, but of course you will also be able to follow some of the funny and not so funny bits of running a quality retail outlet with a bricks and morter outlet as well as our online shop at
Once we find out how to do it we shall have the blog direct onto the website but one thing at a time eh!


The Staff