Monday, 21 December 2009


Well it’s officially freezing here folks, in some of the heaviest snowfall for years, around 150 cm to 200 cm in places; it was a somewhat difficult drive to work for all today.
Now they (The wise ones) have known that we were in for a cracking winter storm, and to be fair most of the main roads in and around are passable, but do they ever stop to think (The wise ones) that traffic needs to also get from where they start to then get onto the main roads and of course most of the smaller feeder roads are not gritted or half gritted.
The show must go on as they say, so well done to all the staff, for there continued support in these bad weather times.
No pictures today as this is just a quick rant, oh sorry meant to say blog.
As always thank you, for reading and a big thank you to all our loyal customers for braving the elements as well.

The staff at Niche Gallery.


  1. Greetings and happy Holidays to all my favorite Neish people at Niche Gallery. While we miss you all here State Side it is nice that technology allows us to stay in touch. Having never blogged I am curious to see if this actually gets somewhere..... R.A. Luft USA

  2. Hi Ralph,
    You can now consider job well done, happy all to everyone in the States.


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