Saturday, 12 December 2009

12 Days to Go.

Hi All,
Well only 12 days to go to Christmas Day now, and at this very busy time of the year, finding it almost impossible to find the time to update our blog on a regular basis, but will try our best, so now let me introduce you to a photographer that we are now featuring, his name is Andrew Walker and on his travels around the world he has taken some pretty good pictures.
We have his pictures made into triptyches and on canvas to produce an effect such as seen in the first picture below, nice and bright for a cold winter’s day.

This second one we think looks really good and also features some of our favourite animals, the penguin, they just look so funny when they are out of the water, and this picture of the 4 Little Amigo’s was taken in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have and continue to move stuff around the shop all the time to keep it looking fresh and interesting and the staff have redone one of the windows to feature some more of our Fairy Castles and also to show of some of the new triptych’s.


We also have some more new Pottery in the Shop by Anita Harris, her work is very well know and also collectable, Anita used to design for Poole Pottery and also Moorcroft before starting up on her own with others to keep up the high class of this fine art.

High lighting Anita Harris Pottery in the window, along with the Miss Dee Jewellery.

As ever thanks for your interest and time and untill next time keep safe and have a great day, from all at Niche Gallery.

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