Tuesday, 22 December 2009

100th Follower.

We at Niche Gallery would like to extend our hearty hello to our 100th follower of the blog and also as a special thank you, should Robin wish to make a purchase from our online store we would be pleased to offer a 15% discount from marked price of anything in the store.
As a big thank you to all our followers we shall also extend an offer to you all to give anyone of our other 99 followers a discount of 10% from marked price off anything on our online store.
The order must be placed using the blog email that is associated with your blog (the one you used when originally following)
Blog discount will only be available until the last day of January 2010.

Should you wish to take up on this offer for the limited time shown above then orders can be placed through our secure online store, you must also reference your own blog, and remember we ship worldwide.
Thank you all from the staff at Niche Gallery.


  1. Beautiful photos; lovely items. Always tempting. All the best in 2010.


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