Sunday, 22 November 2009

Xmas Gifts.

After a very wet last few days, with rains that caused a lot of damage in some parts of the country, and also loss of life it is good to see a little break in the weather for a few hours at least.
The seasons over here seem to be moving as this is the type of weather we would expect in october in the past. So it seams that this year it is taking longer for those that do, to get into the spirit of things, so to try and brighten things up a little lets look at some more product we have stocked up on this year.

This 3 look like they are searching for the Spirit of Christmas, among the pretend snow in the window, do you think they shall find it, as up to now they "Still havent found what they are looking for"

A carousel and a couple of small Santa's in the window.

One of the window's looking festive.

Some nice little music boxes and gifts.
Until next time thanks from all at Niche Gallery.

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