Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nasty Weather.

Hello All,
Well they do say that people in the U.K. are obsessed by the weather, and going by the terrible weather we have had for the last week or so, I can understand the sentiments, also the fact that in many ways the weather really does control a lot of what we do each day, and we think it also has a lot to do with moods as well.
So with this in mind it's a small blog today and thought I would throw in a Limited Edition print we have that show's the Forth Railway Bridge at a better time of the year.

Called Reflections in the Forth.
As always thanks for taking the time to visit, from all at Niche Gallery.


  1. Hi, yes the weather dictates, what you do. But I have to say every single X I was in London the weather was always good. Always sunny:)


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