Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More Gifts.

Time to show you some more of our great gifts from Germany, they are now all set up in the shop, and the management and staff have worked very hard to also put up all the Christmas decorations, so the shop is looking as always at this time of year very warm and Christmassy (if there is such a word)

We dont just have large items, as we like to try and provide as wide a range of gifts as possible, so here are some neat little carousel musix boxes.

Nice small Tea Lights, all with there Christmas theme of course.

Neat little carousels that wind up to play there music.

As it is getting closer to that time, again this year, we also need to think about something for "Him" dont you.
So we have a great range of watches for Gents as well, both ranges are based on the Rennie Macintosh design and along with the traditional "Celtic" style design they are a great gift.

Time to show, you some artwork as well, and why not a winter scene from a Legend in the U.K. non other than Rolf Harris. Called First Snow Hyde Park Horses.

Regards from Niche Gallery.

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  1. loving the rolf harris pic its amazin must have it i think?....


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