Saturday, 14 November 2009

Great Gifts

Hi All,
Well we can no longer ignore tha fact that Christmas is fast approaching and ready or not it will arrive before we know it: (As it seems to do every year) we are still unloading the boxes of Christmas goodies just arrived from Germany.
Dont know how many of you have ever been to Germany at this time of the year but it is a magical place with all the christmas festivals selling very good quality gifts.

Gifts like this this lovelt carousel, with music.

Hoping to get a picture today of the steam train we have that produces real smoke and is just a stunning gifts, again all from Germany, so you know it is good quality.
The staff were telling me yasterday that some of the gifts were being sold as they were unloading and opening up the boxes to check them.

This is a fantastic gifts that shows little skiers and toboggans coming down the slope and all run through fibre optics from a simple battery, will look great on the table and keep the kids and adults occupied for ages.

We have a wonderful selection of music boxes as well all with differing scenes, this one above has a scene from a winter wonderland.
Got to go for now, so more later and thanks.
The team at Niche gallery.

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  1. lovely music boxes...talking about Germany is the place were we bought alcohol and beers...
    Christmas in Germany is amazing Lubeck has there onwed wonderful!


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