Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Rain all day today and I cannot feel the “Love is all around us” and struggle to smile, until my Granddaughter starts to talk about Halloween this Saturday, she is very excited about her parties and going tricking and treating in the dark with her baby sister both in full scary costume, (with Mum and Dad of course). I am armed with my pumpkin lantern and bowl, which will be over flowing with delicious sweets with an alternative of Apples, raisins and nuts if required.

Talking of Halloween we are about to launch a favourite of our customers in our Gallery for many a year onto our website. He is Richard Pell and works in the media of Steel and he produces some scary stuff like Witches on broomsticks, Bats, Scaredy Cats, Skull & Crossbones and spiky angry fish. You will be able to view his full collection soon.

Looks like this cat has seen the witch above.
The original Creative Metalwork range is hand crafted from mild steel. A mixture of different heat treatments and skilful grinding creates its unique surface pattern. Each piece is then lacquered to prevent rusting in an indoor environment.

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