Sunday, 18 October 2009

Visit of Queen Mary II to South Queensferry

Hello All,
Well on the drive to the shop yesterday morning just as we got over the brow of the last hill on the way to South Queensferry, there was the sight we had waited to see (along with hundreds of others) The Forth Road bridge in the foreground with the mighty shape of the Railway Bridge behind and anchored just of the bridges was the magnificent cruise liner Queen Mary II (Q.M.II) as it is more commonly called.
(Seems to be abbreviations for everything nowadays, we will soon have an abbreviation language as well) A beautiful crisp autumn morning and she was glinting in the sunshine.

The tide was beginning to turn for what was one of the highest tides of the year, and the Sea was as flat as a pancake as all the liners small Tenders started to bring there passengers ashore, I am thinking that they have not had such a calm ride in a small boat, as it was almost eerie just how still the sea was, and looking at the mighty Forth Rail bridge this was no “Bridge over troubled water” today, the end of the Indian summer I reckon.
The small town started to fill up pretty quickly with visitors to see the ship, and passengers alike.

Early Morning at low tide.

Just getting her ready to offload the passengers.

Early afternoon as the tide rises.
By mid afternoon it had become very busy and there was also a wedding going on in the hotel just 50 paces away from us, as the traffic built up (See Picture) for once the traffic cop’s were out and as a huge stretched limo came down the hill to turn into the High street for the happy couple, the traffic cop on the bike had a word with the driver of the limo and there was, no chance he was going along the High Street, so someone got upset for a bit I suppose but they got there wedding photos with glorious sunshine and the Bridge with the Queen Mary II alongside not many places in the world with such a backdrop for such a photograph eh!

Traffic on the High Street around 3 o' clock in the afternoon.

The Forth Road Bridge which is just to the West of the Rail Bridge.
At low tide.
As it came time to close the shop for the day, most of the passengers were making there way back to the ship, and the sun was beginning to drop in the sky.
The Queen Mary II was making her second visit to Edinburgh and surrounds as she was celebrating a Fifth birthday since being launched some of the passengers were telling us, although a real sight to see, in our humble opinion she still has some way to go to reach the same legendary status as her predecessor the ultimate fine looking and graceful Cunard Liner, Queen Elizabeth II (QE2).

Taken from Mobile phone as camera had run out of batteries, but you can see how smooth the sea was.
We hope all the visitors and passengers had a great day.

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