Thursday, 1 October 2009

View from the Gallery

Hello All,

With winter now approaching thoughts turn to what we can see out the window, we also like to see what’s on the walls just in case the view out the window is somewhat obscure, this is where a good piece of artwork can brighten up any room.

As the days get shorter, at least here in Scotland, the surroundings slowly start to change as Mother Nature carries on her journey and the colours around us also start to change, there is a definite chill in the air in the mornings now, which our dog, a Husky just loves, as she gets ready for her favourite time of the year.

As long as it stays bright and cool you will not hear us say -”Oh how I wish that it would rain” but lets not forget that there are places in the world where they would be saying this and other places that wished it did not rain quite so much, such as the terrible situation that seems to hit the Pacific Region just now.

One of my favourite views on paintings right now are the superb collection of Duncan Macgregor’s art work that we have, in fact we were lucky enough to get the last 3 in the set from the publisher, we think his work is pretty special but please allow the pictures below to speak about his fine take on what would be a great view at any time of the year.

Mirrored Seas I "Signed Limited Edition"
of only 95 on "Glass"

Mirrored Seas II "Signed Limited Edition"
of only 95 on "Glass"

Mirrored Seas III "Signed Limited Edition" of only 95 on "Glass"
If you look close you may be able to make out the fact that these Paintings are done on Glass to produce a fantastic effect, as we try and say "Unique".
We also have a fine collection of local and well know Scottish Artists, which we will be showcasing as time goes on.

Will also be having a monthly look at the historical old town where we are located, a place like any other, I guess full of rich history, and “never ending stories” but that’s for later.

And last but not least we also wish to have as many flags on our flag counter as possible, so if you have friends in countries not already on the flag counter then please send this blog to them, and kindly request that they visit so there flag will go onto the counter in the flag counter box, thank you.

The Team at Niche Gallery



  1. Your blog is very interesting, made me want to read and see more of what you have to offer, and I have to say very impressed!
    Not only does Niche Gallery offer some spectacular pieces of art work, but impressive gifts that are out of the ordinary!
    My personal favourite is the Miss Dee jewllery, I will be keeping an eye out for the next pieces available, and also a blog?

    Well Done

  2. Love the artwork! Nice effect on glass! Looks so real. thanks for the follow. I like visiting your site and will follow.
    Mathy,Techy,Artsy Fartsy


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