Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Time or lack of!

Hello All,
Short blog today as I have had to spend most of the morning waiting on the banks to open, only wish sometimes I had there, working week.
Good news is that we now have the new Miss Dee catalogue and will be ordering the new jewellery soon, and then we need to get it on to my website, are you listening I.T. guys? Along with the details of the bangle watches I gave yesterday, we will get there it all just takes time and I don’t have a team of people working with me.

Going through some recent photograph’s as well and thought I would share this one with you, it is of our dog a Siberian Husky who just has a great time playing on the kids trampoline, this picture makes it look like she has had a “hard days night” she is a lot of fun, very protective and does as she is told most of the time, a bit like some husbands? Oh I will get into trouble now!
Thanks, the team at Niche Gallery.

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