Thursday, 22 October 2009


Hi all,
Yes it is that time again when a small business like ours needs to do the stock taking, its only then, that you tend to realise just how many product lines you actually carry, and we do have a lot for a small retail outlet, the up side of this of course is that it gives you our valued customer much more choice of good quality products.
It also allows us the chance to evaluate which stock to continue with and which stock we shall discontinue.
And it allows room for more great products, and the order for Miss Dee Jewellery has now been done and we shall let you know as soon as it comes in to the shop and when it is online. We think it has been worth the wait.

Go on drop it!
Speaking of stock taking and waiting, brings me to a great scene of the squirrels doing there stock take and gathering up all the cones and nuts they can find for the winter fast approaching, looks like our Husky was thinking the same in this recent photo as she was waiting (in vain) at the bottom of the tree for hours hoping that this particular squirrel was going to drop some of his hard earned gains or even if he was going to drop out of the tree. “It’s a wonderful world” we just need to take the time to notice.
Just a quick note on the Post strike going on in the U.K. just now, this should have no effect on us with regard to any one ordering from our internet site as we have put alternative carriers in place, so that any disruption to customers would be negligible.

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