Tuesday, 6 October 2009

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In this post, I am looking at creating a little bit of a story about the town where our business is situated, we want to feature some of the history, some of the people, some of the area.
Trying to make it as we see it, so it will not be some dry history story, but a look at the place through our eyes.
To start with we shall tell you a little bit about the fact's etc. Hoping to build it so that the story will run in weekly post's and they will be numberd starting from 001, so that anyone that finds it interesting will be able to do a search on the blog and find what they are looking for, that's the plan at least.

So starting from here,
South Queensferry is a town on the coast and approx 7 miles N.W. from Edinburgh. A short 10 min drive from Edinburgh Airport.
Located in between the 2 great bridges that cross the river Forth, one is the old engineering wonder called the Forth Rail Bridge, (don’t ask what happened to the other 3?)
The other is the road bridge that was constructed around 40 years ago, and is now under pressure from the amount of traffic that crosses this main south to north link over the river.
The town at the other side is called (Wait for it) North Queensferry.
Before the bridges were in place the only way of crossing was by Ferry, or a long round about journey into the centre of Scotland to cross near the town of Stirling.

You can find a link to more photograph's like this here.
The Queens part of the name comes from another story which we shall go into later.
The population is only around 10,000 so not a big place by any stretch of the imagination, it still retains the feel of a village by the sea with a lot of old interesting buildings along the High Street and scattered around the local area.
The High Street has a few great restaurants and it really is becoming a destination thanks to a lot of hard work by some of the business owners.
As we continue our story about South Queensferry we hope to introduce lots of photographs old and new.

One of the ferrie's leaving the pier at South Queensferry around 1962.

Aside from the small harbour at the back of our shop, there is a large Marina where you can also learn to sail (RYA) affiliated, and most days sailing craft of all kinds can be seen on the water. Along with a pretty active association that deals with festivals and such for the local community, it’s a busy little town, with all the problems that small old towns have in dealing with the volume of traffic that is generated nowadays.
Parking is available although there is a need for more, not sure if there is the political will to provide this in my opinion.
There are a varied amount of other businesses located along the High Street, so everything that you would need is pretty much there.

In this old photogragh (undated) looking up the High street from the East, the Niche Gallery is located on the opposite side of the old clock tower (still there) as is the raised part of the High Street. If you were to cross the road from the clock tower and walk 50 paces , you would arrive at the Niche Gallery. 

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