Sunday, 11 October 2009

South Queensferry 002

It would be remiss of me when speaking of South Queensferry, not to mention the leviathan that stands over the town in the shape of the Forth Railway Bridge, now I am pretty sure that many words have been written about this great feat of Victorian engineering that still stands as a testament to the brave men who built and worked on the bridge over one hundred years ago.
I look up at the bridge and every time I admire the feat, and wonder if there will be much of what passes for building nowadays still around in one hundred years time, not many I guess.
I often wonder about the design of the bridge, and think that perhaps they based there design on the loch Ness Monster as it also reminds me of Nessie, or was it the case that Nessie was based on the design of the bridge (leave you to decide that one)

Or perhaps it’s just me that can see any resemblance!

The Bridge.

Can you see any resemblance!

Before the mighty road bridge was built around 40 years ago, the only way to get motor transport over the river was by ferry, (unless you went round the long way by road)
Now I don’t say that I remember the ferries crossing the wide stretch of water but it gets me to thinking that they were probably a great way to cross, and it seems that here in Scotland where the sea is never far away we just don’t make the use of what’s on our doorstep, when I think of other great stretches of water around the world they all use ferries and small boats to transport people and goods around.
When I think of the Sydney (Australia) ferries and the ferries in Seattle (U.S.A.), they work very well and also provide something to the cities they are based in.
A great way to travel, perhaps one day the ones who purport to know better will see the advantages of this form of getting around.

Wonder if the guy at the pier had just missed the boat!

I did say in my first post that this would be a weekly instalment, now that was being a bit ambitious as due to time constraints I will in fact do an instalment on South Queensferry once per month.


  1. Not a resemblence I would have thought of, but yeah I guess so, maybe a coincidence more than anything!Gets you thinking however :D

  2. Love this post and this comparison! Fun post

  3. Thanks Linda,
    We hope to bring a smile every now and then.


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