Friday, 9 October 2009

Miss Dee and the Washing Machine.

Last night was very much a case of man v’s machine, the washing machine has been making funny noises for a little while now, and we usually just turn up the volume on the radio when this happened!!!!!
Now the problems were getting unavoidable as not only was it making strange noises it just was not working as well as it did.
So it now needed to be looked at, and after a lot of huffing, puffing, mopping and swearing, around 2 hours later the problem was found (Well done Chris)
It was a Miss Dee Necklace that had mysteriously got into the washing machine the chain was fine although the heart dangle had disappeared and was now probably amusing some fishes. After cleaning and further examination the chain along, with the smaller dangles on it are all in perfect condition.

Similar Necklace to the one in the washing machine.
The washing machine was then put back together and switched on and hey presto it now works perfectly once again (Well done Chris again)
We shall now see if we can get another spare heart to go on the chain and it will be as good as new again, shining and sparkling as it should. Our Grand Daughter can wear her necklace again, and stop singing “Don’t go breaking my heart”

The model above show's where the jewelery should be!
So we now know that apart from looking great as a fashion accessory they are very hard wearing (if looked after of course) and we would not recommend washing your jewellery in the washing machine, as the jewellery may well be fine but the machine will certainly not be.


  1. We love your blog. Beautiful product too!

  2. Hey I like that necklace. My GF would love it. And I'm sure she would keep it out of the washer AND dryer.


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