Saturday, 10 October 2009

Living Glaze.

Hello All,
We would like to introduce you to some of the beautiful pottery we have from Alan Clarke’s Living Glaze collection.
Alan used to design with the world famous Poole Pottery and now produces his own line of wonderful work.
We have just taken delivery of another lot of collectable and functional work from Alan.
His Living Glaze collection just goes from strength to strength and is understandably becoming increasingly popular.
There work will grace any home or table.

Part of his Living Glaze collection is called Blue Waters, and Blue Waters is a fashion statement from Mark as well as an exciting design from Alan. Mark Nixon was trailing some new colours when he came across a very interesting and exciting effect. Alan then took the effect and did his magic. He has created an amazing new design that has not been seen before. The name brings together the two work colleagues within one design. This design comes together with spectacular effect.

These are handcrafted pieces of the highest quality that possess character and style, each one unique, lovely to own and eminently collectables.
The artist’s experimentation leads to more great design pieces in the collection that comes under the banner of Living Glaze.
Artists are always “under pressure” to deliver fresh and new designs for there market and we think the Artist’s at Living Glaze Studio’s have achieved this to great effect.
As always you can find more details by visiting our website.

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