Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Functional Fashion

Hello Everyone,
Well don’t know about you all, but I like things that have a use apart from looking good, and in trying to come up with something to blog about today, finding it so much more difficult than I ever imagined but also fun at times, some days it just seems like I am becoming “comfortably numb” or should that be uncomfortably numb when my mind just goes blank and you end up staring at the screen.
To get back to the subject of my blog today, going to show you a range of great fashion watches that we have, they are just the thing when you need that special accessory, and can’t think of what to put on.
They come in a load of different colours all with a different stone setting, and look great on your wrist, then you just pull back and wow, there you are you have a neat little watch.

They are also at a fantastic price, look good and they have a use, just what we look for in sourcing product.

We also have the bangle watches as shown above these enamel watches also look great with a load of different looks, again they are also good looking watches
They are inexpensive and cool. Priced from around 15 to 25 pounds it means you can have a different accessory for each new look and never be stuck for finding something new to go, with that look.
Until next time.
The team at Niche Gallery

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