Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fabian Perez

Hello all,
We would like to introduce you to some of our favourite artwork here by an artist that is now like a rock star in the art world called Fabian Perez.
His work is just so atmospheric and moody; it looks great on any wall.
Very collectable too, and on top of being very talented he has just been appointed as the official artist for the Winter Olympics and the Olympic Games of 2012.
So we have 3 of his signed Limited Editions here to show you.

This one is called The Man in White Suit IV
Fantastic painting, "lil old wine drinker me" springs to mind right away, but we love this painting, and one of the problems of being involved in this type of business is the fact that we have to sell a lot of our favourite stuff!

Flamenco I

Flamenco II
Great artwork by Fabian, the two paintings above should really go as a pair but they stand out on there own as great paintings full of atmosphere and movement.
All on show of course at our website, click here for more

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