Friday, 30 October 2009

Car Couture Classics

Hello All,
We love this collection and like everything else in the Gallery we sell it with enthusiasm but we all have our own favourites, this being one of mine. Nostalgia, it takes me back to the days when my concerns were what I am going to wear today and what pub we were to meet in after work. It was important to remember because back in the dark ages we had to arrange our social lives without mobile phones, forgetting the meeting place might have taken you on a pub-crawl trying to find your friends and that was a real hardship! I made a lot of new friends, looking for my old friends.
I Remember fondly a time before congestion charges and speed cameras, when a sleeping policeman meant a dozing bobby and you could still fill up for less than a couple of quid (U.K. pound sterling), Car Couture relives those glorious carefree days of open top motoring. Beautifully sculpted classic marques and characters of the era vividly recapture all the thrilling fun of wind in your hair.

Street Machines.
Then we move on to today and of course we would not forget the Petrol Heads amongst us, so we have a great collection of Street Machines. They look good at home or on an office desk.

A fine collection of fun cars based on some of today’s fast models.

Thanks as always, the team at Niche Gallery.

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