Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Hello All,

A Warm welcome to all, and a special mention to our new readers, it’s wonderful to see so many different visitor’s get there countries flag up on our flag counter.
Sun is out today and clear sky’s so looks like we may have a couple of nice days ahead, as the say Autumnal weather ahead. Don’t you just love that word (Autumnal) had never really heard it used until the weather reporters started using it on the television.
A great time of the year to brighten up the home with some candles, and we have a great new range of them just in.

Comfort Candles are a unique line of attractive candle holders with inspirational sayings. They come packaged inside a beautiful gift box which makes them a wonderful gift at very good prices.

As the weather moves on into the month of, October it brings us ever nearer the time to start thinking about Christmas (Yes it is getting close)
Only 11 and a bit weeks to go, scary is it not, and we promise that we will not bombard you with stuff about Christmas until it gets a bit nearer the time, as we feel that most shops go a bit over the top starting there Christmas promotions way too early in the year.

An attractive candle holder with an inspirational saying. Family comes packaged inside a beautiful gift box which makes them a wonderful gift. There are many more with great saying's covering most subject's so a great gift at any time of the year.

Although as we are a retail outlet we actually have to look at buying in for Christmas in the spring time just gone past. So when every one else is thinking about Easter egg’s or whatever they do in there particular countries to celebrate we are dealing with what we need to get in at Christmas and what we think are good quality products at good value prices for you the customer, sometimes I feel that “Wild Horses” will be needed to drag me to the trade fairs at this time, but it has to be done and we feel that we always provide very good product at this time of year, things that are just a bit different.
More later and thanks for reading,

The team at Niche Gallery

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