Monday, 12 October 2009

Artwork by Peter Knox

Hello All,
Along with the changing time of the year and the leaves now starting to change colour before mother nature roars in to strip some of them bare for the winter, brings me to the theme again of a changing world (not for me to decide for better or worse)
This week I want to introduce you to a painter whose work we have in the gallery.
His name is Peter Knox and he paints scenes from a time when the North East of England was a real industrial powerhouse (Like many, more parts of the U.K.) his paintings I have to admit, the more I look at them invoke a real sense of a time gone by, with this first one being called All together boys. This is a painting that anyone with a connection to the sea will be able to relate, as the men come out of the shipyard after a tough days work.

All together boys.
Speaking of tough jobs, just heard on the local news that yet another mine has been found in the River Forth, now the people who have to deal with those things that is a tough job, I don’t know much about them, but these terrible weapons must be even more dangerous after being in the sea for over 60 years, to then just be caught up in a fishing boats net, or washed up on the shore like “pebbles on the beach” (although you would not want to kick them) makes you wonder about how many more of these things are laying around the bottom of our oceans, and just how responsible were the people, who were charged with disposing of them at the time!
So hats off to the disposal guys who now have to deal with them.

Hive of Industry by Peter Knox
Regards, the team at Niche Gallery

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  1. Keep up this informative and interesting blog. We love it!


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