Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Anyone have the “Time”

The most precious commodity there is and no one can purchase or sell it.

Far to detailed a subject to get into on this blog for now but a fascinating subject all the same when you really think of it, each persons perception of time is slightly different but the one thing that stays constant is the second hand in the clock (unless the batteries run down of course) which brings me to the “jist” of today’s blog, as we have just taken delivery of some unusual clocks that can be used inside or outside.

The staff at Niche Gallery just cannot get away from “Clock Watching”

Fortunately they are all pretty much silent but look very good in the gallery beside some of the wonderful paintings.

There is even one that is “Radio Controlled” , amazing what technology means nowadays, this clock really is great, you just put the batteries in it and watch the minute and second hand race around until they lock onto the correct time, so no more asking what the correct time is. Most of them run on “AA” batteries.

These clocks are designed to be used outside or inside and would be ideal in a conservatory or even if you have a glass house for growing your tomatoes and other fruits and vet, so no more excuses for not coming in and saying you lost all track of time.

Even as I write this “Time keeps on slipping, slipping into the future”

Nice to see some of the comments that the blog is attracting, and also to see the varied countries where people are visiting from, thank you to you all we appreciate your interest, as time is different in each country its amazing that it was all standardised to Greenwich Mean Time, from the Greenwich Laboratory in London, what did people do before this “GMT” was set up.

I guess they did not work to time as we know it, there lives were then more determined by there surroundings or where they were in the world, so the herdsman’s day would be run by the needs of there animals and so on, fascinating subject that I just don’t have the time to delve into right now, as these clocks keep telling me.

Thanks from the team at Niche Gallery


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