Tuesday, 29 September 2009

More than just a Blog!

Hi There,

Welcome back and a very big thank you and warm welcome to all the followers, we really do appreciate you all helping to make this blog a success.

Our aim as I have said before is to present an informative and useful blog and not just a dry product only read.

So we are going to introduced a few tangents here.

As something of a slight life change in our family we just all got so fed up with eating plastic super market packaged food, so we have now started to go back to the days of cooking meals from scratch and have to say we cheated a little bit and went out and purchased a couple of non expensive cook books. It really has been some thing of a pleasant surprise and as we all lead such busy lives we needed stuff that could be thrown together quickly, just meant that some preparation needed to be done the night before, but when every one, mucks in, it is not difficult and every meal we have had has been pretty good.

We have still had some take away meals but all in all it’s been great and the food tastes so much better. So before I “ramble on” too much (good song there)

This got us thinking that we would also like to share this with you, and why, with all your help of course don’t we run a “Recipe of the Month” thing, just simple easy to make meals, we are not looking for fancy time consuming cooking, and what we can do is publish the recipe each month.

Your recipe can be emailed to sales@nichegallery.co.uk or just put them into the comment page and we will look at them and your recipe will be on the Niche Gallery Blog. At the end of the month we shall publish your recipe in the main blog.

For a bit of “fun” we are also going to try and slip into the post the title of a song or a well known line from a song and you need to guess who the singer was, and we will also see how this goes, could be a bit of “fun”

We are always looking for comments and or suggestions so please send them in, and tell all your friends about us.

In time we will have the best ways for everyone to interact with this but it is early days doing this blog so stick with us and laugh at the mistakes, tell us and we will correct them, and if you happen to see a quality product that you think we would be interested in having in the shop or online then please tell us about it.


The Team at Niche Gallery

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