Monday, 28 September 2009

More than a gallery

Hi again,

The title says it all about us we think as we stock so many unique and some not so unique products, just to give a little taster of some of the new stock we have soursed for the gallery, i am enclosing a couple of pic's to show fantastic childrens shoes/boots that we have just got in from the makers of the famous "Robeez" shoes, you know the ones that all the star's kids are wearing just now, they are very good we have to admit and we have one of our Grand Kid's fitted out in a pair, they are just so neat and look as good as we think they must feel. 
Lets have a couple of more pic's to show them off.
Fantastic are they not.

More. O.K. then here is another in Brown this time.

So as you will start to see we are more than just a gallery although we still have many great artworks, and i just want to show you this one before i sign off, it is a piece of sculpture from Sweden.


Fantastic sculpture in glass.

Many thanks for your time and your visit.

All the Staff.More than a Gallery


  1. Beautiful. My granddaughter, Elizabeth, wears those exact Robeez pink boots!

  2. Thanks Lorna,
    We first seen them in Canada in fact and decided that we had to stock them.


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