Tuesday, 22 September 2009

It's a Start.

Phew, finaly got there bit scary at first setting up this first go at blogging, but it will grow and get better with time and as our staff get used to it you will be able to see all our new products like the new range of "Miss Dee" jewelry first, and all the other quality products we stock, but of course you will also be able to follow some of the funny and not so funny bits of running a quality retail outlet with a bricks and morter outlet as well as our online shop at http://www.nichegallery.co.uk/
Once we find out how to do it we shall have the blog direct onto the website but one thing at a time eh!


The Staff


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  1. If you post this question on the Blogger help forum, I am sure someone will tell you how to point your blog at your web site domain


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