Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Last Post in 2009.

Hello all,
As we approach the last day of 2009 and prepare to welcome in the new year of 2010 (A new Decade) this will be the final post from Niche Gallery untill next year.
So we have a very fitting painting to show you here from the fantastic artist Fabian Perez.
With the wonderful title of "For a Better Life II"

Wishing all a good New Year from all the staff at Niche Gallery.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Rolf Harris Artwork.

Hi all,
Thought i would feature a great limited edition (395) painting by the well known and loved artist (Australian in the U.K.) Rolf Harris.
This one is very apt at this time of the year.
Title Heading Home by Rolf Harris

The staff at Niche Gallery

Sunday, 27 December 2009

T'was a White Christmas.

Hi all,
Still the big topic here is the continued snow, which started more than a week ago, and it is still going, not so good for anyone on the move outside but our Husky just loves it.
At a time like this she really does show her background, and makes me realise that the Husky breeds have not been domesticated for all that long.
Animals and nature in harmony while the white stuff after it loses its novelty just becomes “Delayed Rain” to the rest of us humans.

Let it Snow.

Come on lets play in the snow!

It's pretty cool up here!

Stay warm and safe, from all at Niche Gallery.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

It's Christmas (Almost)

Hello All,
Due to the very heavy snow and Artic weather the shop has had only the local staff working in it, as the weather really has been pretty bad even for Scotland.
A huge thank you has to go to our local staff members who have been able to battle the elements.
As it is Christmas Eve, time to wish all a very merry Christmas, and lets spare a thought for the ones that will be working at this time of year and to the ones that will be away from home at this time.
Peace and happiness (if possible)to all.
The staff at Niche Gallery

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

100th Follower.

We at Niche Gallery would like to extend our hearty hello to our 100th follower of the blog and also as a special thank you, should Robin wish to make a purchase from our online store we would be pleased to offer a 15% discount from marked price of anything in the store.
As a big thank you to all our followers we shall also extend an offer to you all to give anyone of our other 99 followers a discount of 10% from marked price off anything on our online store.
The order must be placed using the blog email that is associated with your blog (the one you used when originally following)
Blog discount will only be available until the last day of January 2010.

Should you wish to take up on this offer for the limited time shown above then orders can be placed through our secure online store, you must also reference your own blog, and remember we ship worldwide.
Thank you all from the staff at Niche Gallery.

Monday, 21 December 2009


Well it’s officially freezing here folks, in some of the heaviest snowfall for years, around 150 cm to 200 cm in places; it was a somewhat difficult drive to work for all today.
Now they (The wise ones) have known that we were in for a cracking winter storm, and to be fair most of the main roads in and around are passable, but do they ever stop to think (The wise ones) that traffic needs to also get from where they start to then get onto the main roads and of course most of the smaller feeder roads are not gritted or half gritted.
The show must go on as they say, so well done to all the staff, for there continued support in these bad weather times.
No pictures today as this is just a quick rant, oh sorry meant to say blog.
As always thank you, for reading and a big thank you to all our loyal customers for braving the elements as well.

The staff at Niche Gallery.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Ice, Ice, Ice.

Hi all,
While this country is in the grip of a real Artic blast of pretty cold weather, brought to mind some of the great artwork we stock, by a set of twin brothers called Steve & Chris Rock, those two artists actually go up to the Artic Circle and spend there time inside Glaciers and paint what they see inside the Glacier, with all the differing ways that the Sun filters through the ice with some amazing results as you can see from the selection below.


Pretty cool eh!
From all at Niche Gallery

Saturday, 19 December 2009

6 Days to Go!

Hello All,
Welcome to any new readers, as we go into the last 6 shopping days to Christmas Day and as ever seems to be the same every year as we leave it all to the last minute and then wonder where all the time has gone.
Winter has finally arrived in Scotland with the first really cold days and snow (it’s just been wet up to now) so it is starting to look a bit like Xmas now.
Something we had a problem with when spending this time of year in hot countries, could just not get used to seeing Santa Clause all dressed up and sweating in the heat.
Although theirs a lot to be said for it being nice and warm on Xmas day.
As you can imagine it is a manic time for shops at Xmas, but of course with the tough economic times we have had in this part of the world for the past 18 months, it has not been as busy as some previous years.

One of our Fav Painting's of The Forth Rail Bridge in winter.
Open edition by Julie Ramsey.
Thanks from the staff at Niche Gallery.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

12 Days to Go.

Hi All,
Well only 12 days to go to Christmas Day now, and at this very busy time of the year, finding it almost impossible to find the time to update our blog on a regular basis, but will try our best, so now let me introduce you to a photographer that we are now featuring, his name is Andrew Walker and on his travels around the world he has taken some pretty good pictures.
We have his pictures made into triptyches and on canvas to produce an effect such as seen in the first picture below, nice and bright for a cold winter’s day.

This second one we think looks really good and also features some of our favourite animals, the penguin, they just look so funny when they are out of the water, and this picture of the 4 Little Amigo’s was taken in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have and continue to move stuff around the shop all the time to keep it looking fresh and interesting and the staff have redone one of the windows to feature some more of our Fairy Castles and also to show of some of the new triptych’s.


We also have some more new Pottery in the Shop by Anita Harris, her work is very well know and also collectable, Anita used to design for Poole Pottery and also Moorcroft before starting up on her own with others to keep up the high class of this fine art.

High lighting Anita Harris Pottery in the window, along with the Miss Dee Jewellery.

As ever thanks for your interest and time and untill next time keep safe and have a great day, from all at Niche Gallery.

Sunday, 6 December 2009


When more is less, or is it the other way round, can never work that one out, but Christmas Day is now just around the corner.
Our friendly staff have been working very hard to create a great Xmas atmosphere in the shop, that is kind of difficult to transpose to a blog, so more pictures it will need to be.

Pick your Snow Globe
We hope to have some new pictures of the High Street in South Queensferry all light up for Xmas, so it will be out with the camera as soon as it gets dark tomorrow night to see if we can get some good ones.

And a Song from Frosty the Snowman.
Could not possibly go without showing another fantastic Fairy Castle.

This one is the Daisy Glitter Castle.
As always many thanks from all at Niche Gallery.

Hello All.


It’s been a pretty crazy week, and have just returned from a last min trip to Spain, which was really last minute stuff, which at first I was thinking i could do without this trip at my busiest time of the year.
However it needed to be done, after what has probably been the worse year we can remember both on a personal front and a business front.
We went to visit some friends first in a lovely small Spanish town called Mijas up in the hills above Malaga, and it was fantastic, with all the white houses and kept really clean too, so well done to the local Council there, (are you listening Edinburgh Council)
This was of course also a business trip and we think we may have sourced some very good products to feature next year at Niche Gallery.

Some of the village, and have to say it was good to see the sunshine again, the weather was pretty good although as expected a bit cool at night.

Looking down into the valley and towards the coast.

View to the very blue sea.
Hope to get some more onto this blog later on today, but just to say hi to all and appreciate the time you all take to visit and for the great comments too.Have not been able to update the blog while away due to a bit of miss communication and the fact that I could not get my laptop working to get onto the net for the week, which after a time was actually quite good as it did greate a bit of a break from all that was needing done, once i stopped feeling guilty about it, that is.
Thanks from Me at Niche Gallery.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Fairy Tales.

Hello all,
At this magical time of year it is we feel appropriate to show you all some of the magical products we stock, including the wonderful range of Fairy castles.
They are all hand made in Ireland and no castle is the same as the next one, more than a wonderful gift and something that could be handed down through the generations, an heirloom if you want.
What little girl (Or not so little) would not wish to have this as a gift, and when you see them light up, then you see the Childs eye’s light up as well.

Primrose Castle.

Primrose Glitter.
The primrose fairy castle is decorated with numerous yellow primroses, ladybirds, mushrooms and butterflies. The positioning of the decoration will vary from castle to castle as no one castle is identical to another. The ladybirds and butterflies are brought to life with metal feelers and are painted black. All castles in this range are colourful and finished with a coat of glitter to add a little bit of magic.
What Thoughtful fairy would not want to live in a Fairy Castle like this one.

Rose Castle
The rose fairy castle is decorated with pearly pink roses, ladybirds and mushrooms. The positioning of the decoration will vary from castle to castle as no one castle is identical to another. The ladybirds are brought to life with metal feelers and are painted gold. Pastel colours run through the pearlescent range, these colours are brought to life with the pearly paint that is added to the mix to give the castle a slight sheen.

This feature light is made up of two parts, a base and the castle itself. The light fitting is secured into the base of the feature light.

The little guy in the family has not been forgotten about either as they now hand make great Forts for the guy’s.
Little Knights Fort.
This is the first design to launch our new boys’ range of feature lights. This castle is a very special princes’ fort. Silver metal flags our affixed to the turret roofs and the castle is painted in silver and blue tones. The castle is decorated with ivy and stone brick features along with slated roofs

Another wonderful Fairy to look at from our collection.
The Fairies are from another supplier and are not hand made but no less appealling than the hand made Castles and look great together.
Take care and thanks to all our visitors, untill the next one bye from The Niche Gallery.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nasty Weather.

Hello All,
Well they do say that people in the U.K. are obsessed by the weather, and going by the terrible weather we have had for the last week or so, I can understand the sentiments, also the fact that in many ways the weather really does control a lot of what we do each day, and we think it also has a lot to do with moods as well.
So with this in mind it's a small blog today and thought I would throw in a Limited Edition print we have that show's the Forth Railway Bridge at a better time of the year.

Called Reflections in the Forth.
As always thanks for taking the time to visit, from all at Niche Gallery.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Xmas Gifts.

After a very wet last few days, with rains that caused a lot of damage in some parts of the country, and also loss of life it is good to see a little break in the weather for a few hours at least.
The seasons over here seem to be moving as this is the type of weather we would expect in october in the past. So it seams that this year it is taking longer for those that do, to get into the spirit of things, so to try and brighten things up a little lets look at some more product we have stocked up on this year.

This 3 look like they are searching for the Spirit of Christmas, among the pretend snow in the window, do you think they shall find it, as up to now they "Still havent found what they are looking for"

A carousel and a couple of small Santa's in the window.

One of the window's looking festive.

Some nice little music boxes and gifts.
Until next time thanks from all at Niche Gallery.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The shop at Xmas.

Hello Everyone.
We have now pretty much got the shop all looking very festive, with the decorations up and the windows dressed for Christmas time, a big thank you to all the staff for there hard work.
This will be the theme for the blog over this weekend and remember folk’s only around 5 weeks to Christmas day.

One of the windows for Christmas.

As you enter the front door.

This will look good in your Xmas Stocking!

- Ladies size gold plated Cairn Charles Rennie Mackintosh half bangle watch. Case dimensions: 21mm diameter.
- Champagne dial. Raised dial detail.
- Miyota (Citizen) watch movement - standard battery cells available worldwide.
- Dedicated "Glasgow Rose" watch bracelet.
- One year guarantee and dedicated Cairn Charles Rennie Mackintosh presentation box included.
- Waterproof 30m (Just in case you forget to take it off before you go swimming!)

Back to the shop.

Check out "Frosty the Snowman" along with a box full of Santa's.
The Frosty sings a song when you press his arm, and guess what the song is ("Frosty the Snowman")
The perfect fun gift, and a great buy to give to the person that you may wish to annoy just a little bit after the noisy gift they gave your child last year, then left chuckling, knowing that it was going to drive you crazy for a few days (at least until you managed to hid the battery for a while) Go on get your own back.

As always, thanks from the team at Niche Gallery


Hi There,
At this time of year we feel it is important to remember that Christmas is really all about giving for us hear at Niche Gallery, and last month or so we helped with some fund raising for the local “Ferry Fair” committee, an organisation set up to run the local events in South Queensferry.
We ran an art competition for all the local schools and we framed a collection of the kid’s paintings, showed them in the shop and one of the windows. A silent auction was arranged around the paintings on show.
The staff had a busy time setting every thing up and the window really looked fantastic.

This was the window set up and dressed by the staff, for the silent auction.

We are proud to say that a reasonable amount of cash was raised with all the proceeds going to the “Ferry Fair” committee to go towards all there event organising.
The cheque for the cash has now been handed over to the “Ferry fair” committee.

Thanks to the staff, parents, local schools and of course the children who enterered.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More Gifts.

Time to show you some more of our great gifts from Germany, they are now all set up in the shop, and the management and staff have worked very hard to also put up all the Christmas decorations, so the shop is looking as always at this time of year very warm and Christmassy (if there is such a word)

We dont just have large items, as we like to try and provide as wide a range of gifts as possible, so here are some neat little carousel musix boxes.

Nice small Tea Lights, all with there Christmas theme of course.

Neat little carousels that wind up to play there music.

As it is getting closer to that time, again this year, we also need to think about something for "Him" dont you.
So we have a great range of watches for Gents as well, both ranges are based on the Rennie Macintosh design and along with the traditional "Celtic" style design they are a great gift.

Time to show, you some artwork as well, and why not a winter scene from a Legend in the U.K. non other than Rolf Harris. Called First Snow Hyde Park Horses.

Regards from Niche Gallery.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Train.

Hi all,
Have to say it is good to welcome some new visitors to the blog thank you for visiting.
If you remember i spoke about a really fantastic gift that we had in for Christmas from Germany, well the staff have checked it all out and it really does work, you put a couple of drops of the secret mixture into the train and before you know it the train is blowing smoke just like in the days of the old steam trains.

Our "olde steam train" Santa's Express.
We have also been setting out some of the other goodies in from Germany and we want to show you a couple of Music Boxes and of course it would not be Christmas without Santa.
 Music Box with a difference they have a winter scene with little figurines skating around to some classic tunes.

Santa looking good on the counter in the shop.
Lets not forget now that we have the technology for putting video's on the blog, we shall feature our great collection of Watches with a Scottish theme first, so here is another great watch for the Ladies.

- Ladies size Cairn Charles Rennie Mackintosh cocktail watch. Case dimensions: 21mm x 29mm.
- Full colour dial with raised dial detail.
- Miyota (Citizen) watch movement - standard battery cells available worldwide.
- Dedicated Charles Rennie Mackintosh Glasgow Rose stainless steel bracelet.
- One year guarantee and dedicated Cairn Charles Rennie Mackintosh presentation box included.
So thats the video taken care of, now dont forget for that anytime occasion, we have our lovely range of Miss Dee Jewellery from Sweden.

We have Long, Medium and short necklaces, amongst our range.
The team at Niche Galley, you can visit us here by clicking on the website and it should open u in a new window so you can always come back to this page.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Great Gifts

Hi All,
Well we can no longer ignore tha fact that Christmas is fast approaching and ready or not it will arrive before we know it: (As it seems to do every year) we are still unloading the boxes of Christmas goodies just arrived from Germany.
Dont know how many of you have ever been to Germany at this time of the year but it is a magical place with all the christmas festivals selling very good quality gifts.

Gifts like this this lovelt carousel, with music.

Hoping to get a picture today of the steam train we have that produces real smoke and is just a stunning gifts, again all from Germany, so you know it is good quality.
The staff were telling me yasterday that some of the gifts were being sold as they were unloading and opening up the boxes to check them.

This is a fantastic gifts that shows little skiers and toboggans coming down the slope and all run through fibre optics from a simple battery, will look great on the table and keep the kids and adults occupied for ages.

We have a wonderful selection of music boxes as well all with differing scenes, this one above has a scene from a winter wonderland.
Got to go for now, so more later and thanks.
The team at Niche gallery.